Hi! My name is Lara and welcome to my blog, A Bundle of Books!

I have been passionate about books for as long as I can remember. I was that kid who sat in the bookstore for hours on end and explored the bookshelves until I knew them inside-out. Roald Dahl and Jacqueline Wilson ignited my love of reading and I knew I wanted to be just like them and create meaningful and creative stories for the world. Today, I have a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in English Literature and work full-time as a copy editor. The rest of my time is spent reading, writing, and (of course) sharing it all right here on my blog. I write book reviews and other book-related content and mainly focus on fiction, especially adult, young adult, and fantasy. I occasionally write about non-fiction books as well. Stick around and let’s chat about books together!

A bit more about me:

♥ I live in South Africa.

♥ My other hobbies include photography, art, meditation, and yoga.

♥ I practice minimalism as my lifestyle.

♥ I love travelling the world and have been to over 10 countries. One of my dream destinations is China!

♥ I am a mental health advocate.


I would rather watch paint dry than read this book again.

This book has very little going for it and I do not recommend it.

I found this book to be alright but not particularly great either. It’s mostly average.

This book is very good despite a few minor problems here and there.

I love this book with every part of my being. It is absolutely amazing!

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