A Bundle of Books Posts

For as long as I can remember, books have been my greatest comfort and reading my favourite hobby. Most of my childhood was spent with my face burrowed within the pages of a book, transported from this world to an alternate dimension. However, high school ruined the magic I associated with books and reading when I was expected to read novels, plays, and poetry I had little to no interest in. Once I left school, I struggled to enjoy books as much as I used to but was determined to get back to that place once more. Since then, I set myself a reading challenge annually to encourage me to read more books according to the sort of goals I had for my reading that year. 2019 is no different!

I love creating lists of any kind, especially at the beginning of a new year! The year ahead feels so full of promise and opportunity, making goal-setting in all aspects of my life something I’ve really enjoyed doing lately. This year, I’ve decided to take it easy with my reading goals, allowing me to enjoy each book for what it has to offer whilst also making it slightly challenging for me. There is so much I have planned for this year that I neither want to neglect reading altogether nor overwhelm myself with ambitious reading goals. I think these goals are manageable and realistic without being dull or too easy to achieve!