Mickey Mouse Bookmark Tutorial | Mickey’s 90th Birthday Celebration

Today, the world celebrates a truly momentous occasion – the 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse is one of the most recognisable and iconic characters in cartoon history and played a huge role in catapulting Disney to where it is today. I loved (and continue to love) everything Disney-related and knew that I wanted to take part in celebrating this milestone in some way. I decided to do just that by helping you create a fun Mickey Mouse bookmark with this tutorial!

A pair of scissors

A pencil

A coin

A glue stick

3 sheets of paper (one white, one red, and one black)

You can choose the quality of the paper depending on how sturdy you would like the bookmark to be. I used project board paper but I would recommend using a quality of paper closer to printer paper as it is much thinner and easier to work with.

The first step in this tutorial is to create the perfect square shape out of the black paper. It will be more clear as to why this is important in the next step. First, take the bottom left corner of the paper and fold it so that it meets the top of the page, creating a triangular shape with a rectangle alongside it. Next, take your scissors and cut off the rectangle.

After cutting off the rectangle, you will have a perfectly square piece of paper. This is important so as to ensure that the proportions of the bookmark are correct! Now, take the bottom of the square black paper and fold it upwards to make a new rectangle. After this, turn the paper so that the rectangle points towards you and fold the paper upwards again to create a small square.

Unfold the paper completely to reveal the four equal quadrants that you have created. Cut along the vertical and horizontal lines so that you have four smaller black squares. Whilst you will only be using one to make the bookmark itself, you can keep the others in case you make a mistake or would like to create a Minnie Mouse as well!

Take one of the small squares and turn it to make a diamond shape. Take the bottom point and fold it upwards to meet the top point to create a triangle. Make sure that this is a nice, clean fold! Next, fold the point back down to meet the bottom of the triangle, as shown above.

Next, take the right-hand point of the triangle and fold it up to meet the top point. Then, do the same with the left-hand point. After completing these, you will now have a small diamond shape with a line down the middle.

This is where the tutorial can get a tad bit confusing but if you follow the above pictures then you should be fine! Take each flap that you folded in the previous step and fold it inwards so that it goes into and behind the paper itself. This should create a mouth-like opening or pocket that will be used to place your bookmark onto the corner of a page.

Mickey Mouse would not be who he is without his iconic red shorts! Place the bookmark onto the red paper and trace around it in order to measure Mickey’s shorts size correctly. Cut out the square you have traced and make sure one side of it is covered in glue. Then, stick it onto the bookmark by opening the pocket slightly, pressing the red paper down firmly so that it dries properly.

Make Mickey’s ears perfectly round by using a simple coin! Take the coin and lay it down on one of the other small black squares you cut out in step 3. Trace around the coin two separate times and cut out the circles they have left behind. Glue the bottom third of each circle and stick them behind the bookmark to create the ears.

Time for the final touch! Go ahead and take the white paper and draw two small circles on it. After doing so, simply cut them out and glue them one beneath the other on Mickey’s shorts to create his buttons!

You now have an adorable Mickey Mouse bookmark to place on the corner of your page! It’s simple yet striking and adds a dash of fun to your book! If you would like to make a Minnie Mouse version of this bookmark then I suggest swapping out the red paper for pink and cutting out a pink bow to place on one of the ears. Share your creation with me on Instagram after trying this tutorial by tagging me in your pictures! My handle is @abundleof_books and I would love to see how yours turn out!

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