Three Books To Read This Christmas! πŸŽ„

The festive season has arrived and I am so excited! There are so many things that I love about this time of year, like watching cheesy Christmas movies and spending quality time with my family. Whilst my reading tastes usually stay the same year-round, I wanted to try and incorporate something more festive this December to get me more into the Christmas spirit. Considering that I live in South Africa, our Christmas season is always hot, sunny, and a lot of it is spent in the pool. If you are in a similar climate to me over this season, or just want to feel a bit more festive, I have three book recommendations to help bring the snow to you!

If you don’t have time to read an entire novel in the midst of shopping for gifts, why not give a short story collection a try? I plan on reading My True Love Gave To Me by an array of authors and edited by Stephanie Perkins. Each story is perfect for reading over the festive season because they are easy and quick to read as well as filled with everything that has to do with the holidays! I hope this will give me even just a small taste of what a white Christmas is like. Of the authors who have contributed to this collection, I have only read from Holly Black, Rainbow Rowell, and Laini Taylor. However, I look forward to reading their stories because their different styles will make for contrasting Christmas-themed stories, which will be interesting to read!

If you’re already feeling a bit overwhelmed by Christmas but still want a read with the same atmosphere, I would highly recommend The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden! This story follows Vasilisa, a young girl in love with fairy tales, especially the chilling tale of Frost, the winter demon. However, the arrival of her new step-mother also brings danger to their village as she forbids their spiritual and cultural rituals, leaving the village vulnerable to evil creatures and failing crops. Vasilisa is forced to defy those she loves and unveil her concealed gifts to protect her village from the threats she thought were only fairy tales. This novel is set in rural Russia and reads like an old folk story, giving it a chilling tone and atmosphere. It is also a beautifully written story and incredibly gripping.Β The story will transport you to the dead of winter, which is perfect to get you into the feel of a white Christmas!

There’s no doubt that for many of us Christmas is an incredibly nostalgic time of year. If you want to be transported straight back to your childhood (and have already read Harry Potter, of course) then I think The Twistrose Key would be a great book to read! Lin Rosenquist is surprised when a mysterious parcel that is delivered to her home reveals a key that unlocks the ever-closed cellar door. But what lies beyond is not what Lin expected at all. Sylver is the eternal winter land where animals who shared a special connection with children in their lives go after they die, becoming human-like guardians to those children. Lin is overjoyed at being reunited with her beloved pet, Rufus, but soon has to work with him to save Sylver from being overrun by evil. Perfect for fans of Narnia, The Twistrose Key is an enchanting tale about friendship and the magic of childhood that will never leave you.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year! Putting up the Christmas tree, sharing food with your loved ones, and so much more make it a season for love and joy. I am all about embracing the festivities to the fullest and reading books that give me the feeling of Christmas is one of my favourite ways of doing just that. Whilst I will only be reading My True Love Gave To Me this year, I hope I have given you a couple of great recommendations or inspired you to find other reads that help you celebrate the festive season more!


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